Workshop on Portunid Crabs Aquaculture and Sustainable Fisheries

International Workshop on Portunid Crabs Aquaculture and Sustainable Fisheries

The main goal of the present workshop seeks to bring together portunid crabs scientists, industry practitioners/stakeholders, and the academicians from various parts of the globe to discuss the present status of the industry, share insights on relevant issues and identify the problem areas for further research and development on portunid crabs aquaculture and fisheries management for a sustainable portunid crabs industry. Conducting this workshop in Malaysia is appropriate as considerable amount of work related to portunid crabs hatchery and grow-out technologies have been done in the country. On top of that the present International Workshop on Portunid Crabs Aquaculture and Sustainable Fisheries is a pre-conference workshop for Aquaculture Summit 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on July 11-13, 2016.







Marine crustacean culture is an important contributor to the economies of coastal communities in the Asia Pacific region, and aquaculture of high value species such as shrimps, lobsters and crabs provides greater economic benefit to the farmers than the culture of lower value species. However, shrimp culture is encountering setbacks since 1995 due to consistent persistence of White Spot Syndrome Virus and Early Mortality Syndrome, and lobster took years to reach maturity and marketable size, thus culturing it is unprofitable. Alternatively, crab culture provides sustainable marine food supply with lesser culture duration and free from unwanted diseases. Fisheries exploitation and aquaculture production of the world’s crabs has increased sevenfold over the past thirty years. The crab fishery is dominated by a few members of a single family, the Portunidae. Most captured and cultured portunid crabs are of relatively high commercial value such as Portunus spp., Charybdis spp. and Scylla spp. Portunid crabs are one of the most commercially important species marked by high market demands due to their delicacy. Widespread across Indo-Pacific including Southeast Asia, Portunid crabs are among the valuable commodities across many countries, fetching higher market price compared to other locally consumed marine fish species. Increasing capture of small-sized crabs, berried females due to high market demand and decreasing recruitment and capture fishery landing have raised concern over the sustainability of current crab exploitation practices. Thus, the development of portunid crabs aquaculture and resources management for sustainable fisheries are our prime focus in ensuring the continuity of portunid crabs availability.